Here are a few video clips of us. Well, they are mostly me holding the camera and interviewing Kristin; you can occasionally see me in there though. Just click on a title and your browser should automatically open it in a media player. If it doesn't, it will ask you where you would like to save the file. Choose to save the file to disk, and then choose a folder or your desktop. When it is done downloading you can click on it and it will play. Then you can just delete the file when you are done. The clips are all about 15 to 30 seconds long and have sound included. Download times will depend on your connection speed. Enjoy!

Wet Feet - On our 6 "monthaversity" we spent the whole day together. In the evening we went to a river walk, but the water was high from the previous week's rain. Basically this video is me trying to convince Kristin to walk through the water, and then backing out when she does.
Now Are You Scared? - This video is from the night I proposed. In the FAQ section Kristin explains exactly where in the night it fits in. Anyway, here I am again interviewing her on camera as we wait to get on.
"No, This Oven" - This video is from when we registered at Target. In the 30-second clip we cover everything from maternity clothes to toaster ovens. It is more or less me giving her a hard time again.
"Standing On A Rug For Our Bathroom" - The title here pretty much says it all. It is another video from registering at Target. Unfortunately this is one of the items they no longer carry, so we just went out and bought one at a different store.
Pure Adrenaline - 30 seconds of riding The Raging Bull roller coaster at Six Flags. There is no interesting dialogue, but our expressions are funny.
Invitation Headquarters - It doesn't get any more recent then this. I just stopped working on the site, filmed Kristin (again) and uploaded it. She laughed when I asked her if I could use it, so I think that means yes.