Tuesday December 18th, 2007
Song: If I Had Eyes - Jack Johnson

Get out the party hats - it's been ONE YEAR since I've posted here. Thanks to Dan for pointing it out so that I could mark the occasion.

Anyway, since last year we took our anniversary trip to Seattle, I finished my MBA, Kristin let me start a company (PostcardPerfect - details here), and...umm..no, that's about it. See, this is why I don't post much.

Kristin is...umm...yeah, she's still doing the same thing too. She still amazes all her clients with her mad design skills.

Like getting updates more than once a year? Find us on Myspace or Facebook (it's the trendy thing to do). Also, I started posting to a new personal blog at postcardperfect.com/blog.

Until next time...

- David - 11:27 PM

Monday December 18th, 2006
Song: Stuck in the Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

Kristin sent out Christmas cards yesterday. She made me promise to update the site ASAP so that she could put the web address on the envelopes. If you got one and then checked out the site – cool. If you did not get one – sorry.

Anyway, it has been a while. I was pretty consistently updating every two months. I am not sure what happened. Oh well. I haven’t touched the site in over 6 months. Well, it is 1:00AM and I just finished a paper. I am going to make this quick so that I can hit the sack.

In the past six months:

Travel: Kristin and I went to FL to visit my sister. I went to Las Vegas with Mike. I went to San Antonio for a supply chain management conference. I went to Columbus (twice) to visit our warehouse. I went to Denver for some system training. Kristin took a few shopping excursions with her family.

Jobs: We are both still doing what we were six months ago. I am pretty busy at work right now. I worked 80 hours last week. It should slow down after the holidays though. It better.

School: I have 9 more weeks of class till I am done with my MBA.

House Search: We bought one last month! I will have to update the banner on the site. The new address is 273 S Villa Ave in Elmhurst (60126). Just a starter home – but we like it. Three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. New kitchen. Hardwood floors. Semi-finished basement. Two car garage. Etc. Stop by and see it.

Holidays: We celebrated Kristin’s 23rd birthday, hung out with friends on the 4th of July, went to Savanna for Thanksgiving, and are planning to be in town for Christmas – but then spend a few days in Savanna afterwards.

How was that for a quick and impersonal update? Not to bad, eh?
Merry Christmas.

- David - 1:16 AM

Thursday June 1, 2006
Song: Get It Like You Like It - Ben Harper

Well well well, has it been two months already? Time sure does fly.

Top news - Kristin quit her job. You should have seen it - she walked in there slammed her binder down on her bosses desk, and told her where she could shove it.
OK, maybe it wasn't quite like that. In reality she has been unhappy with the way the company was running the shop at home operation for a while. So, she recently decided to concentrate all her efforts on her own company (Living Space). It's a lot of responsibility, but I think it will be better for her. She will basically do the same thing - but she won't have to put up with the corporate crap.

Not much has changed with me. I am halfway though my third term of grad school. The biggest thing is that I picked up golf. I suck - but have been lucky enough to get out a few times a week for the past month or so. I really enjoy just getting out of the office. I suppose the exercise is good for me too. Wanna play? Give me a call.

That's about it. Not too much has come from the home search. Quitting a job and getting a loan are kind of opposites. We'll see how things progress though. I figure we will let her get settled with her company before we secure funding.

That's it for now. Drop us a line. David@ or Kristin@ davidandkristin.com

- David - 11:46 PM

Wednesday March 29, 2006
Song: Everything to Everyone - Everclear

Let's do it backwards this time - pictures first:

The Alamo

Super David

San Antonio Zoo

Guess where we went for our second anniversary trip? That's right - San Antonio. "What," you may ask, ”is in San Antonio?" Well, the Alamo of course. They also have a zoo and a statue of a guy with his arms extended upward. Other than that - not a whole lot. All in all though it was a pretty good trip. Not so much from a sightseeing point of view, but because it was relaxing.

I got the promotion I was waiting for. I am now the Inventory and Fulfillment Manager. It's pretty sweet because it will allow me to specialize a bit more on my favorite part of my old position (inventory and fulfillment, duh). I used to supervise five people, but that will drop to one. My mom challenged that it doesn't sound like much of a promotion in that respect. Well, mom - my paycheck says otherwise. Seriously though, I did get a bit of a raise, but nothing too substantial. I can't complain though.

I am halfway through my second term of graduate school. It's not a whole lot different than undergrad work. The papers are a little longer and the words a bit bigger - but that's about it. I got an A in my first class (Organizational Behavior) and am now taking "Managerial Applications of Information Technology" and "Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis."

Kristin is taking a window treatment class at COD. I thought she knew everything, but I guess she is learning more - so that's good. She skipped class tonight. Hmmm.

I have been spending a lot of my free time running ScrantonBranch.com - a website selling merchandise inspired by my favorite show: NBC's The Office. I have been having a good time playing around with online sales and marketing - so the money I am making is icing on the cake. If you don't watch The Office - you should start. If you do, go to The Scranton Branch and buy something. : )

On a completely unrelated note - I am considering investing my profits to form DBR Enterprises LLC. That would cover my liability in the future just in case, I don't know...I get sued or something. Just a thought.

Kristin is still doing the shop at home consulting for her store. In addition, she has started picking up clients on her own. She registered her own company name with the state a few weeks ago: Living Space. Pretty cool. She is starting to get the hang of charging people an hourly fee for her work instead of just making commission on sales. It's been good.

Since we are discussing incomes, I'll tell you where the money is not coming in: Vegas. I took a trip there last week with Mike and Reese. Although we had a good time, the tables were not especially friendly to me. Oh well, easy come - easy go.

One last job related note: I officially change Valet companies on Saturday. After harboring discontent for Valet Parking Service Inc for a couple of years I found another company to work for. The Abbington didn't like VPS anyway, so they agreed to switch to the new company. My job will be the same, but I'll have a better company behind me and get paid a small salary for managing the account. Not a bad deal at all....

I think that is it for now.

- David - 11:31 PM

Saturday January 21, 2006
Song: Don't Slow Down (acoustic) - Copeland

OK - so much for "bi-monthly updates."

For Thanksgiving, Kristin's parents came to my parent's house.
For Christmas, we went to Kristin's parent's for a few days.
For New Years, we stayed at home (exciting - right?)
For my birthday, we went out to eat with Dan.

There, now we are caught up on all the holidays since the last post. Umm, let's see...I got Kristin a laptop for Christmas. She gave me Microsoft Office 2003 for my birthday. I think those were the highlight presents.

Oh, I graduated in December. So, I officially have my BS. I have now started working on my MBA. I changed my mind from a previous post, I am going to have a concentration in marketing instead of project management. I decided I wasn't really looking forward to any of the PM classes - so it made sense to change the plan.

Kristin is still working as shop at home consultant. In fact, she recently stepped down from the assistant manager position at her store so that she could give SAH more attention.

I am expecting a promotion with the next few weeks. I'm not going to elaborate or count on anything until it's all official though.

Our current thought it to try to buy something (condo / town home) this summer. Kristin is very excited. I am..well..scared. It's a lot of work and commitment. She has been browsing for places already. One thing is for sure, it's not going to be cheap. We'll see how things go.

That makes up the biggest news. We would like to go somewhere for our anniversary (one month from today), but haven't' picked anything. If we do, I'll post pictures when we get back. Until then...

- David - 4:11 PM

Saturday October 15, 2005
Song: Walls - Emery

I thought it was about time to post again, and when I logged in I realized I am RIGHT on target with my bi-monthly posting. Did you know "bi" could mean "every other" or "two per"? No joke. The dictionary suggests that you clarify what you mean when you use it. I obviously mean "every other".

Anyway, the biggest news since last time is our recent trip to Las Vegas. I traveled there with Dan and Ryan for two days and then Kristin replaced them for the following two days. It was her first time out there and I tried to do things I hadn't yet done. We went to the top of the Stratosphere, saw "O" at the Bellagio, and got hooked at the 2 cent slots. Overall - a good trip. I didn't even loose that much at the craps table.

School is going pretty well, although it's keeping me super busy. In fact, I shouldn't be posting now. I have two term projects due this weekend that I haven't started yet. Wish me luck.

Work is going well enough for both of us. No big changes since the last post.

The sign

Hooked at the Slots

"What Happens in Vegas with a Sumo Wrestler stays in Vegas"

- David - 5:45 PM

Sunday August 15, 2005
Song: The Best of What's Around - Dave Matthews Band

Headline: Gas Prices Hit Record High

Headline: David and Kristin Buy a SUV

Anyone else see the irony in that? No? Stupidity maybe? Either way, yep. We got Kristin a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 (for all the off-roading she does). She wanted an Acura MDX, but it didn't quite fit the budget. Anyway, she really likes it. It has leather seats, power everything, 10 disk CD changer, moon roof, heated seats, and even some small things my Lexus doesn't have. I would like to think I got a good deal on it (we got it from a private seller). So, as long as nothing major breaks in the next two weeks I'll be satisfied. Well, satisfied except for the 12 MPG it gets. Oh, thanks to Mike Egan for going out to look at it with me and helping me get it home. Kristin was at work - and probably for the better. She is too nice for negotiations.

Dan and I went to the Coldplay concert last night at Alpine Valley. It was WAY better than the Dave Matthews show and the whole VIP thing was pretty sweet. Of course, given the bad luck at the last show, something was bound to happen to me. I was uber cautious about people carrying beer. Half way though the show though the drunk kid that was half out of it sitting next to me puked his guts out at his seat and some splattered on my foot. Nasty. There were no car incidents though as Dan and I decided to stay for a while after the show and hang out in the VIP area. It beat waiting in traffic.

Umm. What else? Oh, Kristin accepted an assistant manager position at her store. She is doing that in addition to her current responsibilities. I am now one step closer to having a sugar momma.

I officially decided to start on my Master's Degree as soon as I finish my BS. It's free though work and my brain can still handle going to school. As much as I wish I was done - it would be foolish to stop now with all things considered. So anyway, I will start in January and be done Mid 2007. Ouch. The current plan is go get it in Project Management.

OK, its 1:30AM and Kristin has long fallen asleep on the couch waiting for me to finish homework. I have to be up in 5.5 hours - so I should get her and hit the sack.

Send us an e-mail and say hi.

- David - 12:38 AM

Saturday June 25, 2005
CD: Coldplay - X&Y

Summer is here. And, with the changing of the seasons comes another updated from your favorite married couple.

Actually they were unavailable for comment - so here is what is up with Kristin and I.

I am posting from our laptop that we got a few months ago. It is pretty sweet. I always kind of wanted one - but never really saw a real reason I needed one. Kristin talked me into it right before I was going on a few trips (so I was weak) and we picked one up. Unfortunately for her, I have kind of annexed it and take it everywhere I go. I should probably start sharing...

With the laptop came an increased level of geekyness for me. Now I can crunch numbers in excel on the go, take presentations of what I am working on into meetings, - and using WIFI from anywhere - access our case management system at work to monitor my employee's performance. :::pushes imaginary glasses up nose:::

Umm..what else is new? Kristin and I finally settled on and implemented a budget for ourselves. It is interesting because we each have "personal money" that we can use for whatever we want. So, we suddenly have become more frugal on personal purchases that previously went unchecked. We expect savings to rise.

I got free VIP skybox tickets to the Dave Mathews show last month at the Tweeter Center from one of the vendors I deal with at work. We have never seen him live…and didn’t own any of his music…but it was a pretty good show. The downside was having beer poured on me by a drunk and having a run in with a Hummer Limo in the parking lot. Luckily the damage to my car from the latter is much less than you would expect. That is good because according to the Limo driver..I hit him.


Unfortunately, at the end of a long night the cops didn’t really feel like playing CSI and so they wrote it off as a no fault accident. Oh well, like I said, the damage is so minimal that you really can’t tell unless you look closely.

I also got VIP tickets to Coldplay in August at Alpine. Kristin sold her ticket to Dan because she was low on “personal money.” She included the condition that he drives into the agreement.

Another school term ended. Chalk up two more A’s for me in Statistics and E-commerce for Small Business. I start another term tomorrow and am still on pace to finish with my degree in December.

Anyway, It's freaking hot outside. I have to work valet in two hours and I expect to be soaked with sweat soon after starting. Mmmm..I bet people would be more reluctant to hand over their car if they knew how nasty I was.

OK, that’s it for now. In case I don’t post again before it – have a good 4th of July.
Who am I kidding? – have a good Labor day too.

- David - 2:50 PM

Saturday April 12, 2005
Song: Dog - Ben Folds

Well well well. Since I wrote last:
* My Computer Crashed (and I lost almost everything)
* Thanksgiving
* My trip to Vegas with the guys
* Christmas
* My Birthday
* Our Trip to San Francisco for our anniversary

I think that is the big stuff. Mixed into that is lots of work, homework, etc.

Anyway, things that played out during the past 5 months may have seen important then, but everything has past. In other words, I am not going to bother writing about what has happened.

So..fast forward to NOW. I did our taxes today. We owe. Apparently Kristin's job doesn't take out as much as we thought they did. Oh well, what can you do?

Work for both of us is still the same. In our free time together we have been watching a bunch of movies lately. We are trying out the Blockbuster "All you can watch" thing and it was been pretty cool so far. I think we have rented 9 movies or so in the past two weeks. Some of the most recent ones were: Closer, Donnie Darko, Sideways, Spanglish, and Supersize Me.

In our independent free time Kristin has been working on her interior design portfolio and brushing up on her AutoCAD skills. I have been reading and working on a business plan.

Oh, I shut down the message board because it was getting hardcore spam.
So, that's about it. I suppose I should include a picture or two, eh?

Christmas At My Parents:

San Fran:

- David - 1:26 PM

Monday November 15, 2004
CD: Films about Ghosts - Counting Crows

While working valet on Saturday:
So, I am standing outside the entrance of the building and a mother and child come out. The kid, about five years old, was holding a disposable camera. He looked at me and held the camera up to his eye. I raised my eyebrows and he clicked a picture.
"Johnny," his mother snapped, "stop wasting film."
"Heeeey. Come on," I kind of groaned.
"Oh," she replied slightly embarrassed. "Sorry."

Kristin and I drove to ISU yesterday. The car handled like a charm. I hit 110 MPH with a smoothness I had only felt in my Camary when it was parked.
Kristin and Nathan ran a 5K. They both did well. It was Kristin's first - so props to her. After the race we hung out with Nate for a bit and drove back home. It was a good trip.
There - two posts within a week. Not bad, ay?

- David - 2:17 PM

Thursday November 11, 2004
Music for the Past Month: Jimmy Eat Work - Futures, Cake - Pressure Cheif, John Mayer - As Is (Cleveland), lots of jazz, some Jack Johnson, and bit of Get Up Kids

I'll skip the apologies and get right to apostin'.

So.. (as I scan my brain for what has happened in the past month)..umm...Bush won.
Kristin were part of the masses of new people voting this presidential election. It's not that we were unpatriotic before - just too young. I missed it in 2000 by three months. I remember that Mike and I stole countless Gore signs though in order to do our part. He would drop me off at the end of a block and I would run down grabbing all the Gore signs. I would then jump in the back of his waiting car and we would take off. In hindsight I suppose I could have gotten in trouble for that. Good thing we were never caught...

Speaking of cars, we finally got one. After a few months of searching for a perfect replacement to my 88 Camary we selected (well I selected and she approved) a 98 Lexus GS300. It's crazy because there is no other car I would rather drive (well, maybe the GS400, and maybe a little
bit new model) so its like I bought my dream car.

Black with black leather interior. Great condition save a couple of small exterior blemishes. Six CD changer in the glove compartment, heated seats, power seats, lumbar support, power adjustable steering wheel, etc., etc. etc. and some really cool cup holders.

Of course there are the downside: increased gas and insurance costs, a much smaller savings account balance, and additional concerns I have never had with cars before. For example - it looks dirty : I should get it washed; I could take that parking spot: but that guy may ding my door; etc.

Yeah yeah yeah..enough about that. By the way, "thank you" to John for hooking me up with an oil change. Also, thanks to Anna for sending something funny via REAL mail.

What else? We both still have the same jobs. We both have good days and bad days at work.So, not too much there.

I am now three weeks into my new term at school. I am taking two classes that I would actually read books about for fun: Project Management and New Product Management. It's the most credits at one time I have taken yet, but I'm sure I'll make it.

Ok, well my lunch is almost over. I will post again in less than a month. I promise.

- David - 2:37 PM

Tuesday September 21, 2004
Song: St. Patrick's Day - John Mayer

I skipped last week. Sorry. Anyway, there is nothing HUGE going on in our lives right now. I am currently bogged down with work and school (modern literature - very important to my career growth?). Kristin is staying busy with her job and cleaning up the messes I create at home.

Points of interest:
I started racquetball class yesterday. Good times. It felt good to play again, but I realized that I am out of shape.

We are used car shopping. As winter approaches I am not excited about facing it with my car. We have a few ideas of what we may end up with - but I won't waste your time unless we actually buy something.

Kristin is looking at going back to school. We are looking at schools for her to get her BA in Interior Design. They are all pretty expensive, but I keep telling myself - it's an investment. : )

I am finally getting a break at work that is allowing me to work with the director of marketing on some stuff. I am pretty pumped and he has been impressed with my ideas so far. The phrase "Wow, David is now the new director of marketing" came from a conference call he and I had with some other people in the company. Unfortunately, I have to do all this extra stuff after hours in order to keep up with my regular work. That's OK though, I love it and it is good experience.

Kristin is going home this weekend for the big Bridges garage sale. I will most likely get hammered and come home at 5:00AM. Either that, or work on my 12 page research paper (due Sunday) that I haven't started yet.

OK, I am going to be late for dinner if I don't take off. More later.

- David - 7:41 PM

Thursday September 2, 2005
Song: At Your Funeral - Saves The Day

Another week has come and gone. The highlights reel:

Friday - Kristin and I went with Mike and Natalie to Green Mill Jazz club. When we finally got seats and drinks it was rather enjoyable.

Saturday - Kristin's parents and brother came into town. I took one of my online finals in the morning, and then had time to go out to eat with them before working. The highlight: Nate got some sort of Tiramisu Drink. I tried some and it was really good.

Sunday - I took my last final and then went to dodge ball night at college group. I had a good time but I was sore until Wednesday.

Monday - Umm..I returned some library books. Oh, Kristin and I got Oberwise..that was good.

Tuesday - Mike and I went to the Casino. I had a good streak in craps and did very well overall. The highlight was that I got my first ever "comp" at a Casino. We both got gourmet sandwiches, drinks, chips, and a dessert. I got a huge piece of tiramisu.

Wednesday - I ate the tiramisu as a part of my lunch. Kristin made stir fry for dinner. Yumm.

Most of those revolve around food. Hmm. Anyway, that's all for now. I have work to do.

- David - 1:43 PM

Wednesday August 25th
Artist: Jack Johnson

Who knew the last post would foreshadow a lack of updates? Not me?
Being salary is so far no good. It seems I spend most of my day supervising and answering questions and then I don't have time to get my own work done. The only time I can get things done is during the midday lull (when most people go to lunch) and after 5:00. I suppose I could come in early too...but that isn't going to happen. Anyway, hopefully this is because I am still adjusting, learning my position, etc. It better be - because I worked an extra 8-10 hours last week.
Other than that I have been having fun. I have my sweet cube with a view, more scheduling freedom, and a computer with a CD burner (I don't know why I need it..). More importantly I am quickly learning about supervising a team, dealing with the problems they have, and other fun stuff.
As far as I know Kristin now has her Shop At Home Consultant role better established. She is dealing with a lot of customers at the same time, but seems to have a handle on it all. We'll just have to wait for her paycheck to see if she is raking it in...
All work aside, things are pretty good for us. I have had the last few Friday nights off - so that has been nice. We also go cable TV. She spends most of her time at home watching HGTV.
If I have to see one more episode of trading spaces...
As for the insights into our marriage, I will now answer all of the questions that were left on our guest book:

- David - 1:05 PM

Friday August 6
CD: The Hammering Process - Living Sacrifice

Last night we went to see The Terminal. Overall I would say it was pretty good. Not Spielberg's best, but entertaining for two hours.

Umm, let's see. Oh, last week I got a promotion. It had been on the DL for a while but it finally went though. So, starting next Friday I am going to be the Field Support Supervisor. Basically, that means I will be leading a team of five other co-workers that focuses on well..supporting our field staff. In addition, I get more responsibility with our shipping and inventory process. On an upside, I got a pay raise. On the down side, I am now salary. So if work needs to get done at the end of the day I have to stay with no overtime pay. Oh well. When it all comes down to it I am looking forward to gaining additional experience in supervision as well as with working with our vendors.

On a similar note, Kristin was just promoted to the official Shop at Home representative at her store. So she will be doing a lot less retail work and a lot more home visits to customers, helping them choose products, creating quotes, following up, etc. It is more of a commission based job but there is a lot of potential. I think she is going to learn a lot and do a great job in the process.

Yeah, so I guess that covers the big news of the week. Sorry I was late on this week's post. It was either post of make the 9:15 viewing of The Terminal. I guess ol' Tom Hanks won.

Anyway, once again I can't think of anything right now for the marriage insight of the week. So, I'll tell you way: Sign the guest book with a question for Kristin or I regarding our marriage. Then, assuming it is a respectable question, we will answer it for next weeks insight. Good? Great.

- David - 12:31 PM

Thursday July 29th
Song: Competition - Fanmail

This past week has been back to the grind. As always, same old same old. Umm, what's' new?
Kristin got a new sewing machine. Her parents let her pick on out as a graduation / birthday gift. Since she is all about sewing pillows, clothes, window treatments, etc. she is super pumped. Today was her first day off work since she got it and I think she stayed home and played with it.

I am in my midterm week of this online term. It blows because both classes assigned projects and are having a midterm test in addition to the usual amount of work. Oh well, I'll make it.

Oh yeah, did I ever post that we got a fish? We picked out a Beta fish together soon after we got married. We never figured out a name though and he kind of became known as "the fish" or "mister fish". Anyway, this past weekend he committed suicide. maybe it was an identity crisis...Kristin came into the kitchen (his bowl is on the window ledge above the sink) and didn't see him in the bowl. She looked closer and still couldn't find him. Then she saw him sitting still in the sink. She scooped him up and he started moving she put him back into the bowl. He was dead within an hour.

Mid-Week Marriage Insight #5
Now that we are settled into both married life and our apartment I will spill the beans about chores and housework. "Who does what?" you ask. Well, I'll tell you.

Kristin cooks meals three to four times a week and handles the dishes. She makes our bed, "tidies up" the rest of the house, puts away laundry, irons clothes, sweeps occasionally, and does more stuff that I am sure I'm forgetting.

I buy our food the rest of the week, clean the bathroom (although she has done it too), pick up our laundry, do the majority of the grocery shopping, pay the bills, and maybe a few other things.

I used to always take out the trash but now she does it sometimes too. I used to clean the fish bowl too. That's not really an issue right now though.

- David - 7:32 PM

Thursday, July 22
CD:  Bleach - Again For the First Time

 Talk about a weekend in Hell....

Actually only a half an hour on Saturday was spent in Hell.  Downtown Hell, Michigan has three buildings. Not too exciting.  Here's the weekend breakdown: 

Friday night we left and drove for a few hours. We stayed in St. Joseph, MI at a slightly seedy hotel. It wasn't a big deal though because we checked in at 1:00 am and were out by 11:00. We had breakfast at Big Boy and then drove to the camp I went to growing up. I showed her around and we continued east.  Our next stop was in Hell. Like I said, not to exciting - but now I can say I have been there. Saturday night we stayed in Greenfield, MI and lounged around a bit. We also took a short trip to the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit.  I think between my craps and her nickel slots we walked out up about $25 bucks.  Anyway, Sunday we took off around noon, ate at another Big Boy, and continued home. Oh, we also stopped at the Warren Dunes on the way home.  That was good for a sunny few hours in the late afternoon and a "long walk on the beach."Overall, nothing huge - but it was good to get away and spend a weekend together. 

Mid-Week Marriage Insight #4

Crap.  I can't think of anything. I suck at this. Oh well, I'll just post a few pictures from our weekend and we'll call it even.

- David - 9:05 PM

Friday, July 16th
  Santa Maria - The Frames
OK, we are off on our mystery weekend vacation.  I'll let you know what happened next week.
and...better late than never:
Mid-Week Marriage Insight #3
The morning routine (M-F):
6:48 - The alarm on my computer blasts a song from the office. I get up, turn it off, and set it for 7:12.
7:12 - The alarm goes off again. I get up, turn it off, and eat breakfast.
7:20 - I set the alarm for 7:32 and crawl back into bed.
7:20 -7:32 - Cuddle time.
7:32 - The alarm goes off, I get up, turn it off, shower, dress, and get ready for work.
8:06- I wake up Kristin, we hug good-bye, and I head out the door to work.
8:08 - 9:00 -There is no pattern after I leave.  Somedays she goes back to sleep before getting up for work. Other days she stays up and cleans up, works out, or does something else productive.
9:00 - Kristin wakes up (without the alarm) gets ready, and goes to work.

- David - 7:40 PM

Tuesday July 6
Song: Hangin Around - Counting Crows

Ha - less than a week since the last one.

Anyway, for the past three days I have been listening to the Counting Crows. I haven't listened to them since I liked the song "Mr. Jones" in like 8th grade. Anyway, they are bound to be just another causality in my short music attention span.

Anyway, it is a little after 7:00 and I am still at work. I just finished school work for the day and I am about to head home. I figured I would jump in first and get my Mid-Week Marriage Insight out of the way.

Mid-Week Marriage Insight #2

We eat out a lot. Coming from living at home with a mother that finds joy in feeding people - I eat out more now then I have EVER. I think my working a bunch (providing both a shortage of time to justify it and additional money to get away with it) has a lot to do with it. I'm not saying or complaining that Kristin doesn't cook. She makes dinner at least a few times a week, but it is just all too easy for us to both get home and agree to go out and grab something to eat. As for lunches - I admit, a chicken burrito fajita from Chipotle (my new current favorite place to eat) just tastes so much better than a cold cut sandwich brought from home. Anyway, eating out a bunch is a fact of life for us right now. We will see what happens in the future...

- David - 7:09 PM

Tuesday June 29, 2004
Songs: My Stupid Mouth (live)- John Mayer
Woodstock - Fareed Haque
It Don't Matter - Donavon Frankenreiter

This is the part of the blog where I apologize for it being so long since I updated. Well not this time. We are just going to skip that part. Deal with it.

Hmm. Anyway, above I listed a song from each of the CD's that I have gone through since last time. I get tired of music way to quick for my own good.

OK, so, June 12th was Kristin's 21st birthday. We didn't do anything too big - just spent the day together. It was nice. We were going to go to a jazz club Saturday night but things didn't work out. Oh well, we just relaxed together some more. As a side note, it was nice to have a Saturday night off. Kristin did her first shot at Outback. I think it was complements of Jason Smith. Anyway, see the video here.

I got an A in my first DeVRY online class. Not to bad. I am doubling my credit hours next term (starts Monday) so that I will be full time again. That should be interesting.

A few people have asked about the big news from last time. Sorry. Even though I made it clear none of that stuff was true (at least I thought I made it clear), I guess I left the idea that there WAS some sort of news. Well, there's not. Again, sorry.

Kristin and I both took the weekend after next off. I think we are going to go somewhere. I just don't know where yet. We will probably stay in the country this time. Ideas thrown around have included flying to Seattle, Colorado, Vegas, or San Francisco. Or,(which is probably more likely) driving to somewhere a handful of hours away from here. OR (which is the most likely) being lazy and ending up not going anywhere. Hmmm. Ideas? Send them to me.

I think to make sure I keep this updated I will start a weekly feature. I'll call it the Mid-week Marriage Insight. Each week I'll reveal one thing we have learned about being married, one common practice or tradition we have together, or something else about our marriage thus far. By the way, "mid-week" in my book is Tuesday - Thursday. This way I have a little flexibility.

Mid-Week Marriage Insight #1

Every Tuesday we go to COD and rent five movies. It used to be on Monday nights, but they were closed for a holiday a few weeks ago and we shifted accordingly. Anyway, movies are a buck apiece and each week we return our set and get new ones. I usually pick 1-2 and she gets 3-4. Kristin watches movies constantly. Some people (like me) listen to music when they work on stuff - she has to have a movie on. Three weeks ago I started my own little weekly ritual within a ritual. I get a "subtitles movie of the week". She would never watch a subtitles movie on her own - so I make her. So far the list has included Amelie, The Dinner Game, and Run Lola Run.

OK, that's all for now. I'll leave you with a picture of my beautiful wife.

- David - 10:10 PM

Wednesday, June 2nd

Songs: Django - Joe Pass
Cheers Darlin' - Damien Rice
Wait For You - Tammany Hall NYC

Once again, it has been a while since I updated. I felt the need to pick three songs to make up for it.

Anyway, where did I leave off?

Oh yeah, that paper I wrote for my company. Well, nothing directly related to it happened. The guy I wrote it for gave me a call and we talked a bit about some of it. He said he recognized my background in marketing and that there was some good ideas in what I wrote. It didn't sound like he was ready to take action on any of it - but that's OK. I think the important part is that I have started to let people in the company know what I enjoy and what I can do. I decided that it's kind of pointless to sit around and just do my work and hope they offer me the positions I want. I figured I'd start to take some chances and see where it gets me.

I got a promotion. This one I had coming though. I already had the additional responsibilities (see past post) and they just gave me a new title and a small pay increase. So, it's cool. Unfortunately management is trying to make our department more customer service orientated. We used to be the administrative department, and now we are the Customer Service department. Consequently I got stuck with the title "Customer Service Specialist" - even though it has nothing to do with my responsibilities. Oh well.

Anyway, enough about work.

It is 8:45 right now and I just finished working on my Online Class homework for the night. Kristin is in the living room watching a movie and working on recovering one of our two new chairs. Oh yeah, we got new chairs for our living room. I think they used to be waiting room chairs. Anyway, she did the first one already. observe the fabric before, and then after:

Cool eh?

OK, well that's it for now. I'll leave you with this quiz about some big news we have:

Which of the following are we going to announce soon?
A. We are going to be parents.
B. I am joining a branch of the military
C. We are potentially moving to Denver for a job.
D. I am addicted to downloading music from itunes.
E. None of the above (except a kind of D)

I don't want to give the answer away but; Everyone Enjoys Eggs.

- David - 8:33 PM

Monday May 17
Song: Mary Without Sound - Motion City Soundtrack

I went for a run last week. It felt really good to get out there again. I probably did about 2 - 2.5 miles. I think it is a reoccurring phase I go through each spring. That's cool - it's fun while it lasts.

I am getting more responsibility at work. Currently I am buried with stuff I need to do. On one hand it sucks, but at it's also nice to work on stuff that requires problem solving and thought. I can only do mindless tasks for so long.

Last week I wrote an eight page paper on one of our products at work. I talked about why I think that it is selling poorly, changes that we should consider making, and potential future marketing activities. The people I sent it to invited me to share my ideas / thoughts - but I think they got more than they expected. Heck, I only set out to write a few paragraphs...it just coming though. I did it off the clock - and enjoyed every minute of it. It was funny, I stayed last Thursday from 5:00 till 10:45 at my desk working on it.

Note: wives don't appreciate it when you stay at work that long without getting paid.

Anyway, I sent it Friday and haven't heard anything back yet. The waiting for any type of response is killing me. As time goes on I am less and less sure that I did the right thing. Oh well - you have to take chances sometimes, right? I'll let you know if I get promoted of fired because of it....

In other news, I made the most money I have ever made in one night at valet on Saturday. The best part is that I only parked 65 cars...they just all tipped well (and some REALLY well).

Meanwhile, Kristin and I don't get to see a whole lot of each other. It kind of sucks. What can you do though? I mean, besides stop staying at work after I clock out....

She has been working on a new commercial interior design project for her portfolio. I saw some it...it's cool.

OK, I am off to see a bit of Levi's baseball game, pick up a pizza (6.99 for a large on Mondays from Pizza Hut!) and then spend some time with my wife.

- David - 5:32 PM

Monday May 10
Song: "Hotel California" - The Gypsy Kings

Whoops, I guess I missed last week. Sorry.

Ever see a guy that looks like Mr. Bean with a mullet. Kristin and I did last night. It was..umm..interesting.

Anyway, I got a call from my DeVry advisor a week into my classes. He told me that they made changes in requirements and I no longer needed my business law class. I guess that's good - just annoying because I spent a lot of time on it already in the first week. Oh well. They are arranging it so that I am completely reimbursed for the $170 book -so that's a plus.

My other class is going well enough. It's not as hard (so far) as I thought it would be. And, in typical David fashion, I managed to ace the quiz on the first six chapters without reading any of them. The key is to just be quick looking up the answers since it's open book.

We are going with Dan and Mike to see Dashboard Confessional and the Get Up Kids play on the 21st. Should be a good time.

OK, back to homework for me.

- David - 5:35 PM

Tuesday April 27
Song: Best Opening Line - The Frames

Since the last update we have gotten our house a little bit more in order. We picked up some cool barstools (finally), and I have started school.

School sucks. I am taking Business Law and Management 303 online. So far it seems like Online classes are more work then regular classes. Oh well, I need the flexibility to make it work.

Other than that, not too much is new with us. We are staying busy but overall things are good. Drop us a note or give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

- David - 1:39 PM

Tuesday April 20
Song: Rapid Hope Loss - Dashboard Confessional
Eating: Michelina's Four Cheese Lasagna

Last night we finally bought a TV and DVD Player/Home Theater System with financial contributions from Dan and Mike respectively. I guess when you are a best man in a wedding you feel obligated to give a good wedding gift. Thanks guys!

Today I am registering for my DeVry Online classes. They start next week. I'll let you know what I pick.

In other news, Kristin finished all her requirements for her degree. She now officially has a A.S. in Interior Design. Send her an e-mail and say congrats.

OK, that's all for now.

- David - 1:20 PM

Monday April 12th
Song: St. Patrick's Day - John Mayer

Well, as previously noted, we took a whirlwind vacation to Canada for the weekend. We left Friday afternoon, stayed in Windsor Friday night, Drove to and visited Niagara Falls Saturday, stayed in Niagara Saturday night, and drove home (with a quick stop in Toronto) on Sunday. We got back last night at about 11:30.

And now...

The Top 5 Experiences of the Weekend:

5. The King Jacuzzi Suite in Niagara
4. Seeing the Worlds Tallest Building (CN Tower in Toronto)

3. Being Tourists

2. Niagara Falls


- David - 12:59 PM

Friday April 9th
We are off to Canada for the weekend. See you when we get back.

- David - 1:01 PM

Monday March 29th
Song: Seven Day Mile - The Frames

OK, another weekend come and gone. Nothing too big happened with us, but there were a few highlights:

We went to the first Newlywed / Engaged group meeting with people from church. That was fun and FINALLY...Kristin and I kicked butt at the Newlywed game. I guess we got better when we actually became newlyweds. Anyway, the whole night was a good time. Thanks to the Horners for having everyone over.

Sunday night, around 12:45, we were in bed and I kicked Kristin's down comforter to the foot of the bed (It's not needed quite as much when it's warm out). A few minutes later Kristin looked down to see it on fire. I guess it went into the tea light I had lit on our dresser. We quickly put it out, but were left with feathers EVERYWHERE, a ruined blanket, a burn mark on the dresser, and the stench of burnt feathers. It was momentarily exciting..but kind of sucky overall. I suppose I'll have to go out and get us another blanket.

In other news, I am dropping my COD classes this quarter (before they start) and attempting to make the switch to DeVRY. I estimate it will take me another two and half years to get my BS in small business management and entrepreneurship. The program has an emphasis on starting a company, small business accounting, e-commerce, and some other stuff I wouldn't mind learning about. So...it sounds good at this point.

OK, that's all for now. Say hi in the guest book.

- David - 5:14 PM

Wednesday, March 24th
Song: 3X5 - John Mayer

Well, I can see from the guestbook that we don't really have any friends that check the site.
Either that or you guys are just too lazy to leave us a note. But hey, why should you? I only spent hours setting it up for you...

Let's see here. Our current project at the apartment is to get an entertainment system (or parts to design our own). Unfortunately IKEA didn't really have what we needed. Once we get that though we will get our TV and stuff set up. But hey, we don't have a TV now and are doing just fine...so really no hurry.

I am bordering 60 hours of work this week. So much for spring break huh?

Although I originally planned to go to NorthEastern IL I am now checking out DeVry. Since I work for Becker it would be free. Also, the drive would be significantly less..which is always good. I met with an advisor today but it was more paperwork than anything else. I won't find out exactly what I need to take / how long it's going to take until they get my transcripts.

I'll keep you posted.

Kristin finished her Associates degree in Interior design last week. I believe her plan now is to touch up her portfolio and then head out to get a job in the field. You know, start getting some experience under the belt.

Hey....lunch is over.

- David - 1:10 PM

Tuesday, March 16th
Song: Fitzcaraldo - The Frames

I got about twenty honeymoon pictures ready for uploading last night. If I don't get them up tonight then I'll try to do it on Thursday (tomorrow is devoted to my accounting final).

Let's see. Nothing too big going on with us. We have started the Thank You cards - but have a long way to go. So, if you gave us something and haven't heard how appreciative we are - hang in there!

Yeah, so a pretty boring post overall. Sorry. I have posted a few scenic / artistic pictures I took below to make it more interesting.

Paris Wealth:

Three Tunnels:

Lit Bridge:

Seeking Refuge:

- David - 1:23 PM