UPDATED - 7/3/04

Here are some questions we get all the time. It's not that we mind answering them; we just think it may be easier to give out all this information up front. So, scroll through it and hopefully your question will be answered. Or, just read through it to find out more about us. If you have a question that's not on here, e-mail me and I'll get back to you.

Where did you two meet?

"When I moved here three years ago a coworker invited me to try out his church. Since it was the same denomination as I grew up with I decided to give it a chance. I was introduced to David there and slowly got to know him at our college group." - Kristin

Describe the first date, please.

"Our first date consisted of getting something to eat, shooting pool (we wanted to play mini-golf but it was raining), watching a movie (Ghost World in case you're curious), and talking a lot. Despite knowing each other for over a year, we really didn't know that much about one another. So, almost the whole night was asking each other questions. It was fun. It was a bit awkward at the beginning of the night, but we were pretty comfortable at the end." - David

How long have you known each other / been together?

"As stated above by Kristin, we met over two and a half years ago at our church college group. Our first date was October 12th, 2002. We started officially dating November 10th, and then became engaged the following August." - David

How did he propose?

"He proposed on August 14th, 2003 and here's how it happened. He left an invitation on my counter the night before inviting me on a "super date". He picked me up that night and we started with some mini-golf. Then we went to eat at Pompei (the restaurant we ate at on our first date). After that, he had planned for us to go to an outdoor movie in downtown Chicago. When we finally found it though, we both decided to find something else to do. After driving around for a while he took me to Navy Pier where we walked around, talked, and rode the Ferris wheel. It was getting late so we headed back toward home. I figured we would just rent a movie and watch it, but he asked if we could go to a park to sit and talk instead. We sat on a nice bench overlooking a pond, but unfortunately there were some other people nearby and lots of bugs from the night's earlier rain. He seemed hesitant (I later found out that's where he was going to do it) but we left the park after only a few minutes. Then he asked if we could go to Oakbrook Center (an outdoor shopping mall), and although I was a little tired I agreed. The mall was closed but there were still lights and music on. It's a real peaceful atmosphere, a place we have been other times to just walk around after hours. When we got there we sat down by the big fountain in the middle. After a few minutes he pulled out a few pennies and asked me to make some wishes with him. So, I threw mine in and made my wishes. He threw one of his in and asked me if I wanted to help him make his wish come true. I said yes, and he kissed me. Then he threw another penny in and asked repeated the question. I leaned in for another kiss, but instead of kissing me he dropped to one knee and proposed. Shortly after accepting the offer (and the ring) we returned to his car. He then informed me the night was not over. He said, "For the past nine months I have been blinded by love, so now you are going to see what it feels like." I told him I knew what it felt like, but he insisted on blindfolding me anyway. He put me in his car and we drove for a few minutes. Then he helped me out of the car, walked me a couple steps, and helped me into another car. He took the blindfold off and I found myself in a limo. We spent the next two hours driving to locations that were memorable in our relationship. At each place we jumped out and snapped a few pictures. The limo dropped us off at my door, he gave me a long stem rose, and we said goodnight. Later that night I walked into my room and found it filled with nine dozen roses. There was a small card next to every vase, each with one reason that he first knew he loved me written on it. I also found a letter addressed to "The Future Mrs. Kristin Rauch" on my pillow when I went to bed. I read it and fell asleep in blissful happiness. The end." - Kristin

How did she react when you asked her?

"If you could have only seen the look on her face when I dropped to one knee. We had talked about it, but I don't think she expected it for at least a few more weeks. Consequently, I don't think she could have been more surprised. It was great. She wore a big smile (even bigger than usual) for the rest of the night." - David

Do you think anyone is going to read all this?

"Yes? Hmmmm.... " - David

Describe him in 10 words or less.

"Sweet. Sensitive. Caring. Funny. Smart. Handsome. He is the best." - Kristin

What do you think her best feature is?

"Come on, I can't pick just one. However, I can tell you that physically I have been in love with her eyes since day one. Personality speaking, I like her positive attitude and the way she puts others before herself." - David

What's the plan now that you are married?

Kristin has finished her Associates in Interior design and is looking for opportunities to use it. I am attending DeVRY Online right now working on my BS in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. The plan is to just keep working, saving, and learning for now.

I heard she is moved in with you and your parents. Is that true?

Yes. Wait. No. We currently dwell on the third floor of a six flat apartment building in Wheaton. Perks include hardwood floors, a large new kitchen, new bathroom, second bedroom (the office), new central heat and cooling, and a close location to Kristin's job. The downsides include moving everything up three flights of stairs, neighbors that stare at us as we come and go, no washer and dryer on the premises, and paying rent.

Kids! Who wants them and when?

"For the time being, we both agree that having children probably isn't the best idea. We would like to develop our careers and spend time together first. However, farther down the road we think two to three kids would be good." - David

Where did you end up going on your honeymoon?

We ended up in Paris for four days and Venice for three. Check out pictures in the media section.

In the last photo in the pictures section, are you two sitting in a cemetery?

Good eye. Yes, we were driving back to her parent's house to visit for the weekend and stopped to grab a bite to eat. We decided to pick up some Wendy's and have a picnic in a small town along the way. Unfortunately we couldn't find a park. So, we settled for a gazebo in a cemetery. Coincidently that was February 21st, 2003, the pre-anniversary of our marriage.

What happened with the ring at your wedding?

For those of you that weren't able to make it to the wedding the question refers to my wedding band - which was missing when it came time for Kristin to put it on me. It took almost 10 minutes of pocket searching and awkward pauses before it was found. Anyway, contrary to the belief of many, the whole ordeal was real. The mix up occurred because my two best men each had a ring and so they thought we were covered. What they forgot is that Kristin was to get two rings (her engagement and wedding ring). So, they each had one and therefore didn't have mine. It was found inside the ring box that was buried in my bag where I changed clothes.